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Book no.1

A little French girl.  A lost ball of yarn.  A very confused mama bird…


Lulu loves to knit, especially with her grandmother.  She also loves to play soccer.  One day she stops to play with some friends while on her way to visit her grandmother.  As she rushes off to continue her trip, her favorite ball of yarn falls out of her knitting basket and is lost.  She’s broken-hearted.  What happens next is very surprising.


This delightful story touches on the concepts of acceptance, friendship and the loss (and eventual recovery) of a favorite object.


For every child who has lost a favorite object – may it always find its way back home…

A springtime outing to the Luxembourg Garden with Grand-mère combined with two rambunctious squirrels.  What could go wrong?


Join Lulu and her grandmother for a sun and fun-filled day sailing boats, riding the carousel and – of course - knitting.  An encounter with a couple of energetic squirrels sends Lainey on an adventure no one expected.

The charming story comes alive through all the beautiful illustrations depicting the various child-friendly sites in the Garden, as well as the rollicking chase through the treetops.


In spite of all the drama, discover why this was such a lucky day.

Join Lulu and her family on a springtime trip to her grandparents’ farm.  Participate in all the family fun, playing soccer, and board games.  Tag along with her while she visits the animals, and welcomes a new baby kid.


When the weather abruptly changes and the baby goat gets cold, Grand-mère pulls out her knitting needles and gets to work. 


A surprising request to Lulu involving her favorite ball of yarn provides a valuable lesson in sharing!

Get out the crayons!


Come color with Lulu and her friends!  See Lainey the sheep, Lily the baby goat, Mimi the cat, farm animals, and Lulu’s brother, Bertie!  Color pictures of some of the places shown the books, such as views of Paris, her grandparents’ farm, the Luxembourg Garden. 


There are fun activity pages as well – lots of items to find and count, yarn to untangle, picture/word matches, and more!

It's the perfect companion to the Lulu and Lainey picture books!

It’s the week before Christmas and Lulu wants to knit a special scarf for her best friend with her favorite yarn.  While visiting her grandmother the ball of yarn gets lost and, with all the excitement of holiday preparations, it is forgotten until Christmas Eve when it reappears with very surprising results.


This heartwarming book weaves together the beauty of the holidays with a unique story that is sure to become an annual holiday favorite.

ZZ Final Cover_12days_3a Front.jpg

While baking holiday cookies, Lulu and Grand-mère amuse themselves by singing a clever rendition of the beloved Christmas carol using knitted items as the gifts.    


Things get a bit complicated as they work their way through all the verses, to the enjoyment of all.


Join in the fun and you’ll be humming the tune throughout the holidays!  Discover that the true joy of the holiday season is in what we give of ourselves to those we love.

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