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Encouraging Children to Knit

Updated: Jan 17

From Lulu and Lainey ... at the Farm

Do you have a young child in your life who is starting to show interest in knitting? Do you want to encourage a love of crafts – specifically fiber crafts like knitting?

Here are some simple and easy-to-implement ideas to inspire your kids or grandkids to take an interest in knitting:

  • Knit around them: Keep your knitting on-hand when you’re with your favorite child. In the park, at the pool, in the family room – work on your projects and they will be interested. If you’re a very advanced knitter have a project around with simple stitches, like a washcloth or dishcloth, to help provide opportunities for easy demos/instruction.

  • Knit for them: Few things say “I love you” like a hand-knit item. Make it something special – get them involved in the design and yarn selection.

  • Display your stash: Keep a basket of brightly colored and textured yarns around. Might be best for it to be yarn you don’t mind getting handled too much!

  • Display your FOs: When you finish a project, be sure to wear or use it. Show your child how proud you are of your accomplishment.

  • KIP: Don’t be shy to knit in public! Take your knitting to the pool, park or school. Keep a small project in your handbag to work on while you’re on the car line or at soccer practice.

  • Show your interest: Little kids like to emulate the adults in their lives. Show interest in your craft and the kids will be interested too.

  • When they show interest: Under supervision, let them handle some yarn and knitting equipment. This is the time to pull out that dishcloth project in your bag.

  • Early knitters: Until the child has sufficient manual dexterity to use knitting needles, teach them finger knitting and eventually how to use a French knitting spool (which makes fabric that’s basically an i-cord) like this one. There are several others on the market that might work for you as well.

When your child is old enough to work with straight knitting needles, check out some of the more detailed books available for teaching children to knit.

Some options could be:

For more tips on teaching kids to knit, check out my Pinterest board,

Kids Knit!

Happy knitting!


From Lulu and Lainey ... a French Yarn

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