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Looking for Lulu in the Luxembourg Garden

Updated: Jan 17

I just returned from a visit to Paris and, in spite of the jet lag, am happily reminiscing about all the fun and interesting things we did – as well as all the fabulous food we ate. We went to a couple of excellent museum shows (Cubism at the Pompidou and Picasso at the Musée d’Orsay), as well as a unique total emersion light show about the art of Gustav Klimt at L'Atelier des Lumièrs. Learn more here – they explain it much better than I can! Also, the kids at the show loved it. All highly recommended.

Other than these planned events, with the help of amazingly good weather and very comfy shoes we spent our days walking, exploring, and eating all over the city. My Fitbit and Apple Watch never agree (the watch thinks I’m walking when I’m knitting), but indications are that we walked between 17,000 and 21,000 steps a day! Therefore, we espoused a "no-guilt" eating policy. BTW, I have not yet gotten on the scale since returning. Maybe today ... or tomorrow. What's the rush?

It’s great that there are so many specialty book stores all over Paris – small shops that specialize in a specific subject. One in particular that we loved was the Libraire de petit Platons (7 rue des fossés Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris), which is a book shop for young philosophers. Unfortunately, it was Sunday when we passed the shop and it was closed. We did get some great shots of the storefront and their window displays, though. Lots to choose from – I need a set of finger puppets of renowned intellectuals – don’t you?

The shop, with my husband looking philosophical.

Finger puppets

Bedtime reading

We like to cook and really enjoy visiting farmers' markets. We didn't have to go far because the Raspail Marchè was just down the street from our hotel. The Sunday market is all organic. Here's a short video that gives a taste of what we saw.

I made sure to visit the Luxembourg Garden and some of the kid-friendly sites that Lulu enjoys in Lulu and Lainey … the Lucky Day. It was a bright and sunny Sunday – a perfectly glorious Autumn day. Lots of kiddos playing with boats in the Grand Basin, taking pony rides wearing their riding helmets, and on plaster horses at the carousel working to get the brass ring. There was even activity at the beehives! Here are some videos that I took to capture the experience. Grand Basin Pony Rides Carousel

Grand Basin

Pony rides



In a way it was MY Lucky Day. And, I didn’t have a ball of yarn or anything else lost or stolen by animal or human!



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