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Stitches SoCal 2018 - Musings of a Yarn Show Newbie

Stitches SoCal 2018 came to my town last week! Of course, I went to see what all the excitement was about. This was the inaugural event and also the first time I had attended a yarn show. It was held at the Pasadena Convention Center - just ten minutes from my house. Easy peasy!

Here’s what I learned.

I took a class on mosaic knitting with Franklin Habit, which was so much fun. Had a great time. I enjoyed his teaching style – kind, generous and supportive - did I also say quite witty? I came away with a lot of ideas about things to do with mosaic knitting.

Here's what I saw:

The "S" Word

There were shawls everywhere! Lots of beauties on display – and lots of beauties on the beautiful visitors as well! If you can't pull out all your hand knit pretties to wear to a yarn show, when can you? No worries that the outdoor temperature was in the low 80s - it was an ongoing fashion show of shawls and sweaters in all sorts of designs.

There was lots to see. Amazing yarns at every turn and something for everyone – all weights, colors and prices. Lots of knitting paraphernalia, too - even knitting inspired pottery! The wooden sock blockers display was caught my attention - might even inspire me to give socks a go!

The Yarnover Truck, which is a local SoCal yarn store on wheels, was in full view. Taking a cue from the food truck craze, two knitting gals got together, bought an old Little Debbie delivery truck and had it fitted out like a yarn shop. It was great to see it on the selling floor of the Convention Center. Find out where they'll be next at

Did I like it?

You bet I did! It was a thoroughly enjoyable event. I'm definitely marking my calendar for next year's event - wouldn't miss it for the world.*

I was a bit frustrated because I usually start with the pattern and then find the yarn. So, in the end I bought a bottle of Yuzu-scented Soak (amazing - I want to know if it comes in eau de parfum!) and called it a day. Next year I intend to show up prepared with a list of patterns in search of the perfect yarns. I'm sure I'll find them!

Happy knitting.


* Scheduled for November 14 - 17, 2019, Pasadena Convention Center

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