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Are You Hooked on Knitting? Here are 19 Telltale Signs

How can you tell if you're hooked on knitting?

  • You keep a project in your lap when you drive and knit at red lights

  • Knit during parent-teacher conferences

  • Always have a knitting project in your bag or car

  • Wish you had your knitting while standing in the checkout line at the supermarket

  • Bring your knitting with you to the car wash

  • Stopped going to movie theaters because there isn't enough light to knit (and no one appreciates your Hug lite)

  • Bring knitting to your kids' sports practices

  • Knit during tele-conferences

  • When planning a vacation itinerary you include stops at local yarn shops

  • When packing for a trip you always leave room for the projects you're taking and the delicious possibility of buying more yarn as souvenirs

  • You’ve perfected the art of squeezing the air out of zip-lock bags with yarn to flatten them out for packing

  • Knit while waiting on the car line at your kid's school

  • Your home is decorated in "yarn chic", with projects and baskets of yarn on display

  • Your credit card is on file at all the major online yarn stores

  • You discover that when you knit, your Apple Watch records the motion as steps!

  • You've perfected the art of knitting in the car as a passenger without dropping stitches (or getting car sick)

  • Plan vacations around annual yarn festivals

  • Seek out knitting-themed items (t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, note paper)

  • When you see a designer knit item in a magazine or store you start working out how to replicate it for yourself

How many can you relate to? The more the merrier! What's better than a yarn and knitting-filled life?


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Happy Knitting.


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