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Knitting Without Tears? I Don't Think So ...

Dear Mrs. Zimmerman:

With all due respect and admiration, I wish to share a word with you about this idea of "knitting without tears". I’m not sure I agree with it. In spite of my normally upbeat view of the world, I have found myself in quite a knitting frenzy lately - almost to the point of tears!

You see, my dear Mrs. Z, I recently participated in a KAL* where the item was a lovely scarf adapted from a 19th century knit design into a scarf pattern.

I cheerfully started the scarf; worked two rows; made an obscure mistake; frogged and restarted. Worked four rows - another mistake. Rip and restart. This went on for several more attempts and FINALLY I had accomplished the first ten rows of the edge.

The KAL Master wisely suggested we use lots of lifelines. What a great concept! But whenever I planned to put one in on the next row, I made a fatal mistake on the current one. Rip and restart! I was afraid the yarn wouldn't survive. Luckily it has, so far.

You can surely see why my good nature was stressed to the point of tears, can't you?

So, with no land in sight, I just kept rowing with the hope that I'd soon find a safe haven. I put the project down for a day, picked it up again, made some progress, made more mistakes, ripped to lifeline and resumed. Rip – restart – repeat.

Eventually I gained confidence and had more rows done correctly. Then I decided it was time to knit while catching up on last season's Game of Thrones. Boom! Down for the count again with no lifeline in sight for a good few inches! Argh!!

Then suddenly, as if by a miracle, my brain finally clicked in and I just "got" the pattern. The clouds parted and the sun reappeared. It's been smooth sailing ever since. And, the scarf is a real beauty (she says proudly)!

Is the scarf close to being done? Not at all. Will I finish it? Absolutely! Will there be tears? Well, ahem, maybe. After all, I will have to complete the edge at the other end!

I remain your humble and devoted servant,


PS: What did I learn? This knitting is a tricky business. While there are many lessons to learn about technique, the real lessons are the ones we learn about ourselves. I certainly learned a few things: that I should listen to my own best instincts, for example. That even if tears are shed, I will still get back in there and forge ahead. It was a great opportunity to work my persistence muscles and show that pattern who's BOSS! LP

* Knit-along – online knitting bee

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