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Back to School Knitting!

Hello! I took the last couple of months off, and now with the imminent change of the seasons, there are a few things to discuss – so here I am again!

Well, in the Northern Hemisphere summer vacation is officially winding to a close. Kids are already heading back to school here in SoCal, which always seems odd to me. What happened to the days when the summer vacation lasted through Labor Day and then everyone went back to school after that? I spent a lot of summers on the Jersey Shore and Labor Day was always the big send-off to the summer, while the new school shoes patiently waited in their boxes back at home. But I digress.

I was curious to learn what was available on Ravelry* for back to school knitting projects, so I took a deep dive into their pattern collection. They have some really cute items, which you should see – especially if you’ve got kiddos heading back to school or to school for the first time!

For the younger kids, there are adorable hats – these three really piqued my interest: Back to School Pencil Hat, Ruled Paper School Beanie, and the Eraserhead Hat. These are all quick knits, as long as you have the right color yarns in your stash. Of course, they’ll fit older kids, too, if you can convince them to wear one.

For grade school kids, there are accessory items that even the most discerning will appreciate. The Back to School Pencil Case is adorable as-is, but could easily be the framework for your own creativity to shine – with different colors, fun lining fabric, or perhaps the name of the recipient via intarsia or duplicate stitch. Make it in wool and give it a little felting (be sure to adjust for sizing) for added strength. There’s a great Back to School Book Bag, which does appear to include felting, with adorable knitted flowers appliquéd on the flap. If you have the time and a special recipient, check out this impressive Back to School Poncho. Who wouldn’t be over the moon to get one of these?

There are also cute items that could apply to various age groups. Here’s this set of Back to School Washcloths, which can be subliminal reminders to the high school or college student to either “study” or “party”! This Back to School Pouch could also apply to older students and has multiple uses.

As for me, I am sending my twin daughters off on their semesters abroad in the next couple of weeks. One chose the Vineyard Ruana from Knitpicks (in black – so GoT!), which I’m hoping will be used as an afghan in the dorm! The other selected Isabell Kraemer’s Santa Fe shrug. I have one, too – see it here. Is it too late for a “Mommy and Me” matching outfit shot? Probably… insert sad Mommy face.

I added a new Back to School Knitting discussion thread on the Lulu and Lainey - Fiber Friends Ravelry group page, so please post your back to school WIPs – would love to see what you're working on!

Happy knitting!


*If, by chance, you don’t have a Ravelry account, it’s free and easy to set one up.

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