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Updated: Jan 14

I’ve already restarted this post about four times, which I think sums up the way I’m feeling – and maybe how you're feeling, too. I’m not going to go through a rundown of world events – we’re all living them together, even while our individual experience of the world is unique. We truly are in this together.

This is when we need to find something that will calm the soul and offer a tranquil port in an ongoing storm where one can pause, reclaim their equilibrium and find community. This is when I usually pick up my knitting!

For the first time in my life I’m stress-shopping! It isn’t expensive shoes or cosmetics – it’s yarn! Another first is that I’m working on multiple projects. I think it’s up to three on the needles and another couple in the waiting bags. I’ve always been disciplined about working a single project – and finishing it before starting a new one. I may not have liked it when it was done, but, darn it, I pulled it over the finish line. Now I’m just starting things left and right! I’m hoping my “finishing gene” will help me get them all done because I love every project in my queue!

Here’s a peek at what I’m currently working on.

Kaffe Fassett coins throw: A very tweedy and colorful medium-sized throw. I did a felted steek, with instructions from the ladies at MDK (see below) – so proud of myself! It’s spray-blocked (on my Toys R Us kids floor tiles, which double as my blocking mat) and I’m waiting for a long cable to be delivered so I can put the burgundy border on the sides. Next I’m considering doing an i-cord edging with the burgundy yarn, if I have enough. This is the never ending project!

Shakerag summer top: So interesting – the sequence is six rows one strand, six rows two strands. The change in density makes sort of a shadow stripe through the yarn, but very subtle. I need this top to wear to pick up packages each day. Need to hold up standards of the neighborhood!

Ballband dishcloth: This is my go-to pattern when I need to shut my brain off and just knit. I’m happy to make these all day long. They make sweet gifts for people. Great to have in my lap when participating in online knitting events. More about that below.

In addition to the knitting, I've been reaching out to the online knitting community. And, it’s responding! Here are “shout outs” to some of the companies/people I’m especially appreciative of for the special things they’ve been doing for the knitting world during the pandemic and worldwide call to action for diversity and inclusion of all people.

Vogue Knitting: Virtual Knitting Live: Have you gone to either of the two online events they ran in May and June? I attended both of them and had the best time! Lectures, classes, special events, interviews, virtual shop sessions – they were all well-done and very engaging. The June event also included a commitment of a percentage of their proceeds to Color of Change, a social justice organization. I’ve heard they’re planning to do more, so do try to catch one, if you can. Get on their mailing list for updates.

Making a Life – the Conversation: Last weekend, Melanie Falick, avid knitter and author of Making a Life, a book that focuses on working with our hands and its connection to joy and purpose, interviewed knitter and painter, Kaffe Fassett, and his niece, painter Erin Lee Gafill, via Zoom. They had planned a museum show of their paintings in Monterey, CA, including still lifes painted together over the years at the family home in Big Sur. As has happened with so many events, it is now postponed until 2021. This was an hour and a half of sheer inspiration for those of us who consider ourselves “makers”.

Vogue Knitting: Diversity Advisory Council: Kudos to Vogue Knitting for creating this council to support their commitment to inclusion of all people in their publications and events. For more information about their mission, click here.

MDK (Modern Daily Knitting): My source for daily inspiration – and, my main yarn purveyor these days. This is an amazing community of very engaged knitters and knitting experts. They truly offer something for every taste, mood, and season. Need encouragement to try a new technique? They have you covered with articles and videos. Want to share your WIP or FO with others? Their Instagram group is ready to cheer on your efforts. They recently changed their name, which you can read about here. I think the world of these ladies and am always inspired by them and the work they do.

My Facebook Page: Last, but not least, the lovely folks who have chosen to follow my Facebook author page are the best pick-me-up I could have! Love their comments, likes, emojis! They always brighten my day and I hope I do the same for them!

See what happens when you sit down to count your blessings?

Happy knitting, everyone. Stay safe and healthy!


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