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Happy Holidays, One and All

I couldn't let this year end without sharing a holiday greeting with you and heartfelt wishes for great things in 2023.

Once again, I enlisted one of my daughters to take photos of the Macy's holiday windows in Manhattan. Why? Macy's has devoted one of their windows to a fiber arts theme and is showing stuffed bears knitting! How cute is that?

It's a riot of colorful sweaters, scarves, buntings and a snowman constructed from giant balls of yarn. I just love to see all the knitted and crocheted items nestled into the squishy white jumbo stockinette knit blanket, which creates a snowy, yet cozy, landscape.

Here are highlights of some of the individual elements.

Sweet knitted buntings in contrasting colors.

Here's Mama bear and a cub, who is knitting. (Sorry for the lights reflected in the window!) Both are wearing colorful striped knitting sweaters or skirts and are sitting on a sofa covered by a multicolor granny square afghan. And, of course, there's that stunning white snowy/yarny backdrop.

Here's Mama bear again, along with Papa and a napping cub both in colorful knitwear.

Lastly, a cub wearing a knit sweater with appliqued multicolored hearts is winding white yarn around the snowman, which spins (see the video)

If you want to see the video of the window, you can view it here.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Happy knitting,


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