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It's Jacaranda Season in SoCal!

I should be talking about knitting, but it’s jacaranda season in SoCal!

Happy May, everyone! Or, should I call it "Mayuary"? This is a new term, which is a mash-up between May and January. Even the New York Times has noticed that we’re having very strange weather here in SoCal this year. Typically, by now it’s feeling like spring and, sometimes summer. This year it’s looking and feeling like … January, which is the heart of the rainy season in Southern California. It’s when everyone scrambles to find umbrellas and often their gloves.

But May and June are the months when the jacaranda trees bloom – with emphasis on the plural. Many streets in my town are lined with these trees and when all of them are in bloom, it’s absolutely glorious. It’s impossible to fully capture in a photo the clouds of lavender above your head as you drive or walk around. It’s beyond beautiful and somewhat fleeting – the petals are on the ground much too quickly. Not like long-lasting acanthus or agapanthus blooms. So, catch the show while it’s around!

So far the mass blooms have been elusive – I hope they're late because of all the cool and gloomy weather. A lot of the trees look like they still have their leaves, even if they have some blooms. It’s more like the secondary bloom the attached article references. I’ll be on the lookout for some major blooms and will post in my FB group if and when they occur.

In the meantime, here’s a Pinterest board I prepared showing lots of beautiful blooming jacaranda trees and a very good article from the L.A. Times explaining the whole process. That’s where I got the image at the top of this post.

So, no knitting or writing this month – I’m too wrapped up in watching the weather and waiting for the jacaranda trees to bloom!

Happy knitting!


PS: If you are seeing the links in yellow, please accept my apologies. This is a new blog and I'm working with Wix to get the kinks worked out. LP

A local shot from a past year.

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