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Monogamous Knitting

Updated: Jan 14

I've always been a serially monogamous knitter (quite the mouthful - typing it isn't any easier). I don't know why the thought of this cracked me up this morning, but it is true. From an early age I learned that if I was distracted by the next yarn or pattern that grabbed my attention, I'd never finish the current project. An early lesson in self-discipline!

So I'm usually a "one project at a time" girl, with an exception - a gorgeous needlepoint pillow that's halfway done, which was carried to California when I arrived in 1992 and still sits in its bag. The exception proves the rule! I will finish it - someday!

Then came the pandemic. Maybe it was an element of self care - I wanted to make all the things and touch all the yarn, so I bought whatever pleased me!

But I digress. I dropped my guard this past year and queued up multiple projects. There have been way too many temptations out there - virtual knitting shows, events, blog posts Instagram. Don't you think there's been an explosion of amazing patterns and yarns in the last couple of years? The amount of talent and creativity out there is overwhelming. I love it!

I've already finished quite a few pieces and my relatively small pile of WIPs may seem like nothing to you, but it weighs on me every day. So, now that we're inching back to "life as we knew it" I'm working to finish up everything. Then, knitting monogamy returns!

Disclosure: By sharing this information with you, kind reader, I am invoking external accountability to ensure that I will finish them all - especially that dishcloth! Keep me on track, everyone!

Here's what I'm working on.

Bungalow Heaven: Yes, I'm still working on this one. I blame all of it on this newly incorporated little town! Making all those bungalows is a lot of work! I must say, it's been quite satisfying as well. Playing with the colors and making rules about what to use next has been fun. I also wanted to ensure that each "street" had a different road design.

I'm glad to finally be finishing up the last street. Now to figure out the border.

Thirlestane: I blame this one on Bungalow Heaven as well. I participated in a KAL with Modern Daily Knitting and won a lovely prize of Rowan Alpaca Classic, needles and pattern book for my efforts on said BH. I couldn't let the yarn just sit there, right? There's a wee spot to fortify (little stitch marker) and she's done. Now to wait for appropriate weather here in SoCal - perhaps December? In the meantime, I'll visit it periodically to admire the billowy, fuzzy alpaca/cotton mix.

Lightweight Hipster Shawl: Not sure how inspiration struck on this one, but suddenly I had to make it - can you blame me? My first yarn choice was to marl a skein each of white and navy Madeline Tosh lace weight, which started off very nicely. When I hit the 6-stitch crossovers it all came tumbling down. I was basically juggling 12 unruly strands of yarn with no idea what to do with them. So it was back to the stash, where I found enough skeins of Denim Revive. I'm pleased with it - will be a great protection against summer A/C, which will be upon us very soon. I revised the pattern to only do 2 YOs in the set-up row for the crossovers, which has worked really well. I'm looking forward to giving it a nice blocking soak and a good stretch. Blocking makes this yarn nice and soft and pliable.

Ballband Dishcloth: Poor thing. No clue when I started it, but I'm sure it was before everything else listed. It's almost half done and languishing - had to remove the needles for something else. Maybe I'll take it with me to my next doctor visit - could easily finish it off in the waiting room!

Wish me luck, now that my little secret is out! I should have these finished in no time. Then it will be time to find another project(s) to start!

Happy knitting!


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