• Lois Petren

Postcard from London

The Knitting & Stitching Show in London at the Alexandra Palace

One of my daughters is studying at UCL in London this semester. She is not a knitter, but does like to join groups and so, of course, she joined the knitting club. The members are very nice and she's actually learning to knit - again. The first and only try was during second grade - which she barely remembers - but it didn't go well. Looks like this time it's going better and I'm a very proud Mama! I'm secretly fantasizing about future mother-daughter knitting excursions to yarn festivals. Rhinebeck, perhaps?

Last weekend she and some knitting friends went to the Knitting & Stitching Show, held at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London. Of course I demanded photos. Here's a sampling of what they saw.

With the resurgence of colorwork, it looks like it was a very colorful show.

Poor child - I also asked her to go visit the Kaffe Fassett exhibit at Anthropologie in Chelsea, which she did in the midst of a rainstorm. It was the last day and they were already starting to take things down, but she managed to get a few shots.

Here's a big THANK YOU and shout out to my daughter and her friends from the UCL Knitting Club for making this post possible!

Happy Knitting!


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